Thavil Nadhaswaram


Thavil is a very loud and powerful instrument that can produce a variety of sounds and rhythms.

Nadaswaram and thavil They are often played together in temple festivals, weddings, and other ceremonies.

Nadaswaram and thavil have a unique structure and technique of playing. Nadaswaram has three parts the kuḝal, which is the wooden body of the instrument the thimiru, which is the metal staple that holds the reed mouthpiece and the anasu, which is the metal bell at the lower end.


Nadaswaram Concert is a concert of musical instruments like Thavil, Taalam, Nayanam and Tambura. Now we use an electric instrument for tambura music

Sruthi tampura is an essential part of Indian classical music, as it helps the musicians and singers to align their pitch with the raga and to create a musical atmosphere that is pleasing and captivating

Sruthi tampura can also create a harmonious and soothing effect that enhances the musical performance and the listening experience

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The program choreographed by dance master cheenu was excellent and was adorned in great spirits -Deepika


Special thanks to Bharatha kalai koodam who designed our entire corporate event which was a huge success - Aravindan


Thank you for helping with our launch and other activities , which was a huge success-chennai silks


Bharatha kalai koodam Nathswaram artistes entertained everyone with their excellent music at our wedding function.-Think out of the box - Mumbai


Thank you for catering your team of artist for the Indo African summit - Teamwork Arts Delhi


Special thanks for participating in AR Rehman concert to make it huge success - Rapport Global events