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Famous Nadaswaram Players

Famous nadaswaram players in chennai

It is considered as an auspicious instrument in Tamilnadu And it is the mail musical instrument in many hindu weddings and temples of south indian tadition.Kuzhal,thimiru and anasu are the three main parts of nadaswaram. nadaswaram is referred in many ancient tamil texts.it is also called ezhil as there are seven holes played with seven fingers its is popular among tamil diaspora.it is an outdoor instrument due to its sound nd strength and much suited for indoor concerts. Mangalavadhyam comprises of 2 thavil, 2nadaswaram, 1 thalam and sruthi.



It is a holy function imbibing the child the powerful effect of Gayathri mantra.Enrich it with nadaswaram.


Wedding reception

Nadaswaram is widely used in hindu wedding ceremony.For a vibrant and rich sound and enriches the atmosphere with a spiritual flavour,



call us immediately to book Nadaswaram in advance.If you want the sound to add Sweetness to your ears. function,


wedding ceremony

Please contact us for exclusive Nadaswaram anywhere in India.Mind soothing nadaswrm performance